CTK Fun Run
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29 Jul 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1104Zoe Mcelwaine 00:07:41Grades 0-61Female1
27Seb Bennett 00:07:59Grades 0-61Male1
360Andreas Stevenson 00:08:09Grades 0-62Male2
496Chloe Flack 00:08:11Grades 0-62Female2
54Joseph Bartley 00:08:31Grades 0-63Male3
6194Isabella Bartley 00:08:46Grades 7+1Female3
769Taj Maunder 00:08:50Grades 0-64Male4
897Georgia Fleming 00:08:51Grades 0-63Female4
9307Joel Mitchell 00:08:54Grades 7+1Male5
1067Owen Weaver 00:09:01Grades 0-65Male6
11339JACK BROWNING00:09:07Grades 7+2Male7
128Matthew Bromley 00:09:09Grades 0-66Male8
13127Chloe Duce 00:09:10Grades 0-64Female5
14119Lulu Olford 00:09:14Grades 0-65Female6
1520Luca Dickfos 00:09:18Grades 0-67Male9
1668Harper Maunder 00:09:19Grades 0-68Male10
17370MONASH FROST00:09:21Grades 0-69Male11
1842Thomas Mcdougall 00:09:21Grades 0-610Male12
19369DUBLIN FROST00:09:27Grades 0-611Male13
2074Lucinda Bartley 00:09:30Grades 0-66Female7
21121Hannah Poulsen 00:09:31Grades 0-67Female8
22192DAVID RUDDELL00:09:38Grades 7+3Male14
23264Ethan Jones 00:09:40Grades 0-612Male15
24100Lily Hall 00:09:43Grades 0-68Female9
2527Riley Eaton 00:09:50Grades 0-613Male16
2637Nicholas Katter 00:09:52Grades 0-614Male17
2710David Horrocks 00:09:58Grades 0-615Male18
2871Finn Totten 00:09:59Grades 0-616Male19
2938Oscar Kerwick 00:10:01Grades 0-617Male20
30219Isabel Flack 00:10:02Grades 7+2Female10
31120Harriet Pillans 00:10:04Grades 0-69Female11
32354Lauren Murry 00:10:06Grades 7+3Female12
3389Aoife Cherney 00:10:12Grades 0-610Female13
34122Lucy Ready 00:10:15Grades 0-611Female14
35187Brianna Ah Mau 00:10:19Grades 7+4Female15
3655Zack Rumsey 00:10:32Grades 0-618Male21
3728Max Gollschewski 00:10:41Grades 0-619Male22
38193Tracy Bartley 00:10:43Grades 7+5Female16
3958Francisco Serantes 00:10:47Grades 0-620Male23
40175Morgan Reid 00:10:55Grades 7+4Male24
4115Spencer Connelly 00:10:55Grades 0-621Male25
4294Caitlin Drummond 00:10:59Grades 0-612Female17
43218Mandy Flack 00:10:59Grades 7+6Female18
4430Ethan Gordon 00:10:59Grades 0-622Male26
4570Beau Maunder 00:11:00Grades 0-623Male27
4653Joshua Duce 00:11:01Grades 0-624Male28
47110Ellie Woodhouse 00:11:01Grades 0-613Female19
4833Reid Hall 00:11:02Grades 0-625Male29
49162Dominic Katter 00:11:02Grades 7+5Male30
5091Olivia Conlan 00:11:02Grades 0-614Female20
Page 1 of 6 (272 items)