Sandgate Sunset Run
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13 Oct 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1629Team St Pat's X Men GreenMale Team12800:00:3600:00:4600:00:42 7.000
2633Team St Pat's X Men WhiteMale Team22600:00:4000:00:4900:00:45 6.500
3625Team St Pat's X Men GoldMale Team32400:00:4400:00:5200:00:48 6.000
4621Team St Pat's X Men BlueMale Team42400:00:4100:00:5700:00:48 6.000
5673Team Spc RunnersMale Team52400:00:4100:00:5400:00:48 6.000
6645TEAM THE FAST AND FURIOUSMale Team62400:00:4100:00:5800:00:49 6.000
7589Team Needleless StrawberriesMale Team72300:00:4300:00:5800:00:51 5.750
8613Team Snazy RunnersMale Team82300:00:4400:00:5500:00:52 5.750
9641Team The Pink CheetahsFemale Team12200:00:4500:00:5900:00:52 5.500
10573Team Family Of RoostersMale Team92200:00:4700:00:5800:00:53 5.500
11593Team Pink Fluffy UnicornsFemale Team22200:00:4500:01:0000:00:53 5.500
12637Team The AthletesFemale Team32200:00:4400:01:0100:00:54 5.500
13669Team HuskiesMixed Team12100:00:4900:01:0300:00:55 5.250
14601Team Sandgate Gymnastics Purple SamuraisFemale Team42100:00:4600:01:0900:00:55 5.250
15605Team Sandgate Gymnastics Purple WarriorsFemale Team52100:00:4800:01:0200:00:56 5.250
16649Team The Speed RunnersMixed Team22100:00:5000:01:0500:00:56 5.250
17569Team Cf4017 TeensMale Team102100:00:4800:01:0400:00:56 5.250
18565Team Cf4017 Teen OrangeMixed Team32000:00:4800:01:1000:00:57 5.000
19609Team Sandgate Gymnastics Silver WarriorsFemale Team62000:00:5000:01:0300:00:58 5.000
20597Team RoadrunnersFemale Team72000:00:4600:01:0700:00:58 5.000
21585Team Mixing It UpMixed Team42000:00:4400:03:1300:00:59 5.000
22577Team Genesis Dreamteam KidsMixed Team52000:00:4800:01:1000:00:59 5.000
23581Team HiliFemale Team82000:00:5000:01:0800:00:59 5.000
24665Team Deadly Junior RunnersMixed Team61900:00:4200:01:1700:01:02 4.750
25653Team Awesome Amazing Crazy RunnersMixed Team71800:00:5100:01:1900:01:03 4.500
26617Team Sonic Lightning BoltsFemale Team91800:00:5300:01:3100:01:05 4.500
561Team Bing BangMixed Team0    0.000
Page 1 of 1 (27 items)