Sandgate Sunset Run
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13 Oct 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1449TEAM FLASHMale Team13000:00:3900:00:5300:00:48 7.500
2457Team You Know What Would Be Really FunnyàMale Team23000:00:4200:00:5800:00:48 7.500
3453Team The UnderdogsMale Team32900:00:4000:00:5900:00:50 7.250
4429Team Dicky KneeMixed Team12800:00:4600:01:0200:00:53 7.000
5445Team Storm RaidersMale Team42700:00:4400:01:0200:00:55 6.750
6381Team Pjd'sMixed Team22700:00:4100:01:0700:00:55 6.750
7421Team TrendsettersMale Team52600:00:4600:01:0800:00:57 6.500
8325Team AfakuzziesMixed Team32500:00:4900:01:1500:00:57 6.250
9413Team The Try AthletesMixed Team42500:00:4500:01:1400:00:59 6.250
10349Team FunrunnersFemale Team12400:00:5700:01:0900:01:01 6.000
11365Team IplodsMixed Team52300:00:5400:01:1400:01:03 5.750
12361Team Hummingbird Flyers MkiiMixed Team62300:00:3600:01:2000:01:04 5.750
13389Team Resultz SisterzFemale Team22300:00:5500:01:1100:01:04 5.750
14329Team Baby Got TrackMixed Team72200:00:5800:01:1900:01:06 5.500
15397Team Sandgate Kids KindyMixed Team82100:00:4500:01:2100:01:08 5.250
16385Team Pump Up The J.A.MFemale Team32100:00:5900:01:1700:01:08 5.250
17341Team Easier Said Than RunMixed Team92100:00:5000:01:2000:01:09 5.250
18173Team Sandgate PoliceMixed Team102100:00:4200:01:2700:01:09 5.250
19417TEAM VITALITYMixed Team112100:01:0000:01:1700:01:10 5.250
20409Team Sweaty BettyæsFemale Team42100:01:0300:01:2100:01:11 5.250
21461Team Wyreema WalkaboutsMixed Team122000:00:5600:01:2000:01:12 5.000
22377Team Lost & RunningMixed Team132000:00:5800:01:2600:01:13 5.000
23433Team Filipinas + 1Mixed Team142000:00:5700:01:2400:01:13 5.000
24441Team Sole SistersFemale Team52000:01:0600:01:2100:01:14 5.000
25321Team A Queen A Princess A Prince And King TeamMixed Team152000:00:5200:01:3800:01:14 5.000
26373Team Little Bro PeepsFemale Team62000:01:0800:01:2500:01:14 5.000
27401Team Sandgate KindyMixed Team161900:01:0700:01:2200:01:15 4.750
28405Team Sandgate Soldier CrabsFemale Team71900:01:0700:01:2700:01:16 4.750
29337Team Deadly Runners 2Mixed Team171700:01:0200:02:0000:01:26 4.250
30369Team Lady BubblesFemale Team81700:01:1600:01:3500:01:27 4.250
31437Team Gday SushiMixed Team181600:01:0800:02:0100:01:29 4.000
32393Team Running Around In CirclesMixed Team191600:01:1800:01:4600:01:32 4.000
33357Team Here For The Bling!Mixed Team201500:01:1400:01:5600:01:35 3.750
34333Team Deadly Runners 1Mixed Team211300:01:0600:02:3100:01:46 3.250
353Team Grantastic FourMixed Team0    0.000
425Team UntitledMixed Team0    0.000
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