CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Team Cup Challenge1P.A.T.42.2 Running01:26:121
Team Cup Challenge2Jump2it01:45:401
Team Cup Challenge3Team Marks01:53:551
Team Cup Challenge4fandangles01:56:302
Team Cup Challenge5Meadowbrook Runners01:58:051
Team Cup Challenge6Bridgewater Runners01:59:591
Team Cup Challenge7Singam's 02:00:481
Team Cup Challenge8Run with ME02:01:051
Team Cup Challenge9Brains but no sense02:12:171
Team Cup Challenge10Team Stafford02:12:361
Team Cup Challenge11The Hodgess02:31:361
Team Cup Challenge12The Assorted Collective02:34:241
Team Cup Challenge13The Legacy Program02:37:091
Team Cup Challenge145k Koalas03:45:272
Team Cup Challenge15Thompson Estate Athletics03:56:312
Team Cup Challenge16Team fifita 03:56:473
Team Cup Challenge17No blisters 04:05:512
Team Cup Challenge18The Cincy Lads04:11:472
Team Cup Challenge19parkrun04:17:072
Team Cup Challenge20ConocoPhillips Team04:22:004
Team Cup Challenge21Woooo04:22:143
Team Cup Challenge22Girls Run This Town04:25:062
Team Cup Challenge23NoLlamas04:30:572
Team Cup Challenge24Got The Runs04:34:223
Team Cup Challenge25Sickmann04:34:492
Team Cup Challenge26Team Hugot04:55:262
Team Cup Challenge27ABC Runners06:02:243
Team Cup Challenge28Port of Brisbane06:33:103
Team Cup Challenge29Redland Plodders08:13:254
Team Cup Challenge30SOGA Run09:17:504
Team Cup Challenge31Run Hard or Run Home 10:19:554
Team Cup Challenge32intraining Pacers18:16:1511
Team Cup Challenge33Blood, Sweat & Beers19:58:1210
Team Cup Challenge34intraining Running and Triathlon Club36:38:4722