CTK Fun Run
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29 Jul 2018
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Race No
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
5273Abigail Jones 00:21:22Grades 0-61Female1
64310Adam O'halloran 00:35:58Grades 7+33Male40
14281Adrian Cherney 00:23:01Grades 7+11Male13
32318Agus Serantes 00:26:18Grades 7+19Male24
1372AIDAN HOBBS00:16:22Grades 7+1Male1
9315Andrew Rowlings 00:22:11Grades 7+6Male8
72365Angela Melit 00:48:00Grades 7+24Female29
57358Annaliese Hooper 00:33:44Grades 7+18Female21
36329Anne Azano 00:26:57Grades 7+7Female9
15311Anthony Olford 00:23:02Grades 7+12Male14
20331Arabella Dickfos 00:24:33Grades 7+1Female3
74270Archie Tucker 00:48:03Grades 0-68Male44
62277Ashwin Alphonso 00:35:22Grades 7+32Male39
340Barbara Gibson Not startedGrades 7+Female
54363Belinda Hoffard 00:31:37Grades 7+16Female19
58280Brad Burton 00:34:29Grades 7+31Male37
49350Bronwyn Lyndon 00:30:31Grades 7+12Female15
262Cameron Hall Not startedGrades 0-6Male
81356Cathy Ryan 00:49:06Grades 7+27Female33
28266Chase Austen 00:26:00Grades 0-65Male22
82335Chelsea Marlow 00:51:59Grades 7+28Female34
31345Chloe Kean 00:26:18Grades 7+6Female8
6298Chris Jones 00:21:23Grades 7+5Male5
53300Chris Knight 00:31:19Grades 7+29Male35
35313Cooper Rowlings 00:26:46Grades 7+22Male27
309Craig Nipperess Not startedGrades 7+Male
347Danielle Knight Not startedGrades 7+Female
22324Darcy Tucker 00:24:53Grades 7+15Male19
10291David Bellamy 00:22:17Grades 7+7Male9
17259Erik Andeman 00:23:53Grades 0-63Male16
66286Gary Eaton 00:36:55Grades 7+34Male41
77326George Melit 00:48:33Grades 7+37Male46
23305Gerry Mckeering 00:24:59Grades 7+16Male20
293Glenn Gibson Not startedGrades 7+Male
76267Gus Gittins 00:48:11Grades 0-69Male45
16321Hank Szeto 00:23:07Grades 7+13Male15
46325Harry Tucker 00:29:39Grades 7+27Male33
75274Holly Mcneil 00:48:11Grades 0-66Female31
302Iain Lonie Not startedGrades 7+Male
3283Jack Coomber 00:18:24Grades 7+3Male3
4299Jake Mcelwaine 00:20:32Grades 7+4Male4
21284Jason Dickfos 00:24:33Grades 7+14Male18
27352Jemma Austen 00:25:55Grades 7+4Female6
71364Jen Willmington 00:48:00Grades 7+23Female28
63275Jessica O'halloran 00:35:50Grades 0-64Female24
52346Joanne Knight 00:31:19Grades 7+15Female18
322John Flynn Not startedGrades 7+Male
13303John Whelan 00:22:44Grades 7+10Male12
25323Jon Tucker 00:25:18Grades 7+17Male21
12288Jonathan Najarro 00:22:18Grades 7+9Male11
Page 1 of 3 (102 items)