Sandgate Sunset Run
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13 Oct 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap *
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
109Team Deagon Does DisneyFemale Team0    0.000
237Team The Real Housewives Of AspleyFemale Team0    0.000
241Team Tlc1Female Team0    0.000
245Team Tlc2Female Team0    0.000
281Team WittmiresMixed Team0    0.000
292Team Trail TrekkersMale Team0    0.000
181Team Dawn Patrol - Team ZuluMale Team115000:00:3100:00:5300:00:47 37.500
2197Team St Pat's X MenMale Team214800:00:3300:00:5600:00:48 37.000
11181Team Soft, Easy, Hard & ElegantMixed Team413300:00:3600:01:0800:00:53 33.250
14249Team Tortoises And HaresMixed Team612900:00:3600:01:0900:00:55 32.250
4153Team I Thought You Said Rum!!!Male Team414100:00:3800:00:5500:00:50 35.250
7213TEAM COLOUR BLINDMale Team613600:00:3900:00:5800:00:52 34.000
585Team Dawn Patrol AlphaMale Team514000:00:4000:00:5900:00:51 35.000
3269Team Volcanologists IiMale Team314500:00:4100:00:5300:00:49 36.250
129Team 4017 All StarsMixed Team513200:00:4200:01:0100:00:54 33.000
1821Team Astonæs Run AroundsMixed Team1012400:00:4200:01:1200:00:58 31.000
3253Team Cf4017 BrookstarsMixed Team1611400:00:4200:01:1700:01:03 28.500
19289Team The Danish ConnectionMale Team812200:00:4300:01:1300:00:58 30.500
2049Team Cf4017 BlueMixed Team1112200:00:4400:01:1900:00:58 30.500
6265Team Village IdiotsMixed Team113700:00:4500:01:4400:00:52 34.250
16285TEAM TACHYCARDIAMixed Team812600:00:4500:01:1400:00:57 31.500
38298Team Capulet And CoMixed Team2110800:00:4500:02:2200:01:06 27.000
9277Team Will Run For WineMixed Team313600:00:4600:01:0000:00:52 34.000
857Team Cf4017 Martin'sMixed Team213600:00:4600:00:5900:00:52 34.000
1733Team BootcampersMixed Team912500:00:4600:01:0700:00:57 31.250
131Team 2 men downMale Team713100:00:4700:01:0200:00:54 32.750
1565Team Cf4017 TurtlesMixed Team712600:00:4700:01:0800:00:57 31.500
10261Team Victorious SecretsFemale Team113400:00:4700:00:5800:00:53 33.500
36229Team The Bald & The Beautiful...Mixed Team1910900:00:4800:01:2100:01:05 27.250
29217TEAM CORINNE MULHOLLANDMixed Team1411500:00:4800:01:4200:01:02 28.750
24209TEAM ANIKA WELLSMixed Team1311700:00:4800:01:2400:01:01 29.250
37169Team ReadytorunMixed Team2010800:00:4800:01:3100:01:06 27.000
2289Team Dawn Patrol BravoMale Team911900:00:4800:01:1300:01:00 29.750
2893Team Dawn Patrol CharlieMale Team1311600:00:4800:01:1000:01:02 29.000
2397Team Dawn Patrol FoxtrotMale Team1011700:00:4800:01:1300:01:01 29.250
4173Team Cirque Du Sore Legs 2Female Team610500:00:5000:01:2200:01:08 26.250
2137Team BoundaboutMixed Team1212100:00:5000:01:0600:00:59 30.250
27257Team Turtle CrushersMale Team1211600:00:5000:01:1100:01:01 29.000
3161Team Cf4017 Ram TrainMixed Team1511400:00:5100:01:1500:01:03 28.500
60141Team Genesis School Mum DreamteamFemale Team209300:00:5100:01:3400:01:17 23.250
33133Team F45 Trailblazers 1Mixed Team1711200:00:5200:01:2600:01:04 28.000
48161Team No Troll Left BehindFemale Team1210200:00:5300:01:4100:01:10 25.500
34129Team F45 Trailblazers 2Mixed Team1811100:00:5400:01:2200:01:04 27.750
25273Team Warner WildcatsFemale Team211600:00:5400:01:1000:01:01 29.000
39294Team A Gun & RosesMixed Team2210700:00:5400:01:2800:01:06 26.750
47233Team The JewelsFemale Team1110200:00:5500:01:1900:01:10 25.500
62201Team Swedish Precision Running TeamMixed Team288700:00:5500:02:1200:01:22 21.750
26101Team Dawn Patrol GolfMale Team1111600:00:5500:01:0800:01:01 29.000
5917Team Animal StampedeFemale Team199400:00:5500:02:0100:01:16 23.500
3525Team Average JoesFemale Team411000:00:5500:01:1500:01:05 27.500
Page 1 of 2 (76 items)