Sandgate Sunset Run
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13 Oct 2018
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Dist Done
3525Team Average JoesFemale Team411000:00:5500:01:1500:01:05 27.500
7029Team Berrinba Burger BabesFemale Team274800:01:5500:02:5800:02:28 12.000
5541Team Brighton Soccer Ladies 1Female Team179600:00:5900:01:3700:01:14 24.000
5745Team Brighton Soccer Ladies 2Female Team189500:01:0200:01:3100:01:15 23.750
5917Team Animal StampedeFemale Team199400:00:5500:02:0100:01:16 23.500
4369Team Cirque Du Sore Legs 1Female Team810400:01:0300:01:1400:01:08 26.000
4173Team Cirque Du Sore Legs 2Female Team610500:00:5000:01:2200:01:08 26.250
109Team Deagon Does DisneyFemale Team0    0.000
40113Team Deagon Ward Road RunnersFemale Team510600:00:5800:01:2200:01:07 26.500
52117Team Doing It For The Champers Team 1Female Team149800:00:5900:01:3200:01:13 24.500
53121Team Doing It For The Champers Team 2Female Team159700:01:0200:01:2500:01:13 24.250
64125Team Etco-1Female Team228400:01:1300:01:5300:01:24 21.000
66137TEAM FAR KITFemale Team238100:01:1200:01:5500:01:28 20.250
60141Team Genesis School Mum DreamteamFemale Team209300:00:5100:01:3400:01:17 23.250
44145Team GpowerFemale Team910400:00:5900:01:1700:01:08 26.000
67149Team Happy FeetFemale Team248100:01:0100:02:1000:01:28 20.250
48161Team No Troll Left BehindFemale Team1210200:00:5300:01:4100:01:10 25.500
68165Team PeanutsFemale Team258000:00:5900:02:1800:01:29 20.000
54177Team Seasoned RunnersFemale Team169700:01:0200:01:2500:01:13 24.250
61185Team Sole Mates OneFemale Team219300:01:0400:01:2800:01:17 23.250
30193Team Spice Girls 4.0Female Team311500:00:5600:01:1500:01:02 28.750
42205Team Sweeney Ninja TurtlesFemale Team710500:00:5800:01:1600:01:08 26.250
47233Team The JewelsFemale Team1110200:00:5500:01:1900:01:10 25.500
237Team The Real Housewives Of AspleyFemale Team0    0.000
241Team Tlc1Female Team0    0.000
245Team Tlc2Female Team0    0.000
50225Team The BabettesFemale Team139900:00:5600:01:3200:01:12 24.750
45253Team Turtle AvengersFemale Team1010400:00:5600:01:2000:01:09 26.000
25273Team Warner WildcatsFemale Team211600:00:5400:01:1000:01:01 29.000
10261Team Victorious SecretsFemale Team113400:00:4700:00:5800:00:53 33.500
69302Team Here We Go AgainFemale Team267800:01:1300:01:4400:01:32 19.500
3269Team Volcanologists IiMale Team314500:00:4100:00:5300:00:49 36.250
19289Team The Danish ConnectionMale Team812200:00:4300:01:1300:00:58 30.500
292Team Trail TrekkersMale Team0    0.000
27257Team Turtle CrushersMale Team1211600:00:5000:01:1100:01:01 29.000
7213TEAM COLOUR BLINDMale Team613600:00:3900:00:5800:00:52 34.000
2197Team St Pat's X MenMale Team214800:00:3300:00:5600:00:48 37.000
4153Team I Thought You Said Rum!!!Male Team414100:00:3800:00:5500:00:50 35.250
181Team Dawn Patrol - Team ZuluMale Team115000:00:3100:00:5300:00:47 37.500
585Team Dawn Patrol AlphaMale Team514000:00:4000:00:5900:00:51 35.000
2289Team Dawn Patrol BravoMale Team911900:00:4800:01:1300:01:00 29.750
2893Team Dawn Patrol CharlieMale Team1311600:00:4800:01:1000:01:02 29.000
2397Team Dawn Patrol FoxtrotMale Team1011700:00:4800:01:1300:01:01 29.250
26101Team Dawn Patrol GolfMale Team1111600:00:5500:01:0800:01:01 29.000
131Team 2 men downMale Team713100:00:4700:01:0200:00:54 32.750
585Team 3 Beauties & The BeastMixed Team279500:00:5900:01:4700:01:15 23.750
129Team 4017 All StarsMixed Team513200:00:4200:01:0100:00:54 33.000
6513TEAM 80'S TRAGICSMixed Team308200:01:0700:01:4500:01:26 20.500
1733Team BootcampersMixed Team912500:00:4600:01:0700:00:57 31.250
2137Team BoundaboutMixed Team1212100:00:5000:01:0600:00:59 30.250
Page 1 of 2 (76 items)