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CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Team Times1Runco02:34:201
Team Times2Mountain Goat Trail Runners03:09:281
Team Times3Icatchers03:17:141
Team Times4Howard Smith Wharves03:18:281
Team Times5Brisbane Road Runners Club03:18:327
Team Times6Charlie's Randy Angels03:24:401
Team Times7South Pine Striders03:27:322
Team Times8The Outdoor Club Graceville03:40:201
Team Times9G2Konnect03:41:172
Team Times10BIRRWC03:42:451
Team Times11Mostros03:45:061
Team Times12P' Pear03:45:321
Team Times13Mainfreight03:47:043
Team Times14Sweeney Runners03:48:432
Team Times15Team Mizuno03:48:582
Team Times16intraining03:51:043
Team Times17ABC Runners03:51:123
Team Times18The 2 Zoners03:54:281
Team Times19Drive Fitness03:57:241
Team Times20RK Pod04:10:191
Team Times21Spiecapag04:10:472
Team Times22Cirque Du Sore Legs04:13:073
Team Times23BHP Brisbane04:14:0410
Team Times24Wishart Park Run04:17:101
Team Times25Running Mums Australia04:18:515
Team Times26Your Pace or Mine?04:19:543
Team Times27Springfield Runners Group (SRG)04:19:561
Team Times28Fat Cannon Run Club04:21:161
Team Times29River City Runners04:25:471
Team Times30ADFRAA04:29:041
Team Times31Blood, Sweat & Beers04:32:294
Team Times32STAY HARD04:37:291
Team Times33JT & SMAC04:38:222
Team Times34Logs that can Jog04:40:264
Team Times35TEAM BOB04:41:011
Team Times36The unloveables04:47:183
Team Times37ATG Projects04:54:052
Team Times38UQ Business School05:01:271
Team Times39Super Saiyan05:12:212
Team Times40RAD Runners05:13:051
Team Times41We’ve got the runz05:24:233
Team Times42Cally's Clan05:25:132
Team Times43PCYC Armidale05:33:133