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CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Team times1Gold Coast Run Co01:10:121
Team times2Lauffreunde Leipzig01:17:431
Team times3Griffith Reds01:31:461
Team times4Team Teejay01:34:001
Team times5Epicure - Brisbane City Hall01:35:092
Team times6Samuels crew01:36:592
Team times7Atlas Multisports01:38:041
Team times8The Stars of E.T's Galaxy01:41:592
Team times9UQBC01:43:091
Team times10The Go Fasts01:45:422
Team times11SOUTH PINE STRIDERS01:47:414
Team times12Brisbane City Council01:47:4313
Team times13Etax Runners01:48:331
Team times14River City Runners01:49:502
Team times15South Bank Runners01:52:124
Team times16Running Bear01:52:122
Team times17Running for Premature Babies QLD01:53:517
Team times18BHP Brisbane01:54:0636
Team times19Huxies01:54:092
Team times20Rockers for Knockers01:54:211
Team times21Northside Legends01:54:273
Team times22intraining Running and Triathlon Club01:54:3839
Team times23Bramble Bay Deadlies01:54:484
Team times24Brisbane Social Run Club01:55:313
Team times25Achilles Brisbane01:56:261
Team times26Purple Kookaburras01:56:271
Team times27River City Runner01:56:292
Team times28Drive Fitness01:57:489
Team times29The Joggernauts01:57:532
Team times30WSP Social Club01:58:044
Team times31Brisbane Run Squad01:58:204
Team times32MCKEON01:58:471
Team times33Keep on Chafing01:59:062
Team times34Fitstop Coorparoo01:59:3511
Team times35Custard Tarts02:00:231
Team times36Adstrat Runners02:01:181
Team times37Drunk Plan02:01:223
Team times38Bundy Road Runners02:01:491
Team times39Shelley's Bootcamp02:02:065
Team times40WORLD IS HOME02:02:412
Team times41Step into Life Graceville02:02:579
Team times42TeamAK02:03:522
Team times43GaleForce Running Squad02:06:192
Team times44The Strident Students02:06:403
Team times45It’s all about the beer02:07:542
Team times46Team McMahon02:08:172
Team times47Pawpaw Cafe02:08:442
Team times48MIZUNO02:09:1169
Team times49Madders02:09:111
Team times50JJJ Team02:09:462
Team times51Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith P02:10:152
Team times52Brioche02:10:281
Team times53Team Sultana02:10:462
Team times54Queensland Diagnostic Imaging02:11:513
Team times55Devils Run Club02:12:047
Team times56Xcell Kingscliff Run Club02:15:484
Team times57Forced Office Bonding Exercise02:16:221
Team times58Nepal Australia Friendship Association02:18:072
Team times59Running Mums Australia02:20:5815
Team times60TheAtira02:21:254
Team times61Team Sleigh02:22:532
Team times62BPO02:23:551
Team times63The Running Walkers02:25:411
Team times64Mexican Hatters02:25:483
Team times65Stonehenge02:26:276
Team times66HONG KONG RUNNERS02:27:253
Team times67Moreton Bay Road Runners02:28:395
Team times68Rainbow Magic02:30:172
Team times69Berrinba Runners02:31:158
Team times70Planit Testing02:34:563
Team times71Derek Zoolander Centre for kids who can't run good02:35:071
Team times72Donna & Monica03:09:582