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CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Team times1Allens Linklaters00:43:173
Team times2Lawries00:43:192
Team times3Elliott + Simmons00:45:322
Team times4South Bank Runners00:48:343
Team times5Devils Run Club00:49:081
Team times6ABC Runners00:49:341
Team times7Raadts00:50:261
Team times8MIZUNO00:52:1516
Team times9Adstrat Runners00:54:392
Team times10Huxies00:55:111
Team times11Team Magnolia00:56:153
Team times12Brisbane Social Run Club00:56:191
Team times13Jimboomba Run Team00:56:303
Team times14Taranaki Hardcore00:56:313
Team times15Team Kair00:56:502
Team times16No Payne, No Gayne00:57:022
Team times17Fitstop Coorparoo00:58:361
Team times18Just Us00:58:512
Team times19Samuels crew00:59:122
Team times20LUTTON00:59:282
Team times21Bramble Bay Deadlies01:00:004
Team times22WSP Social Club01:00:174
Team times23JJJ Team01:01:071
Team times24intraining Running and Triathlon Club01:01:1117
Team times25Team Cowen01:02:161
Team times26Swifties01:02:282
Team times27Euphoria Striders01:03:195
Team times28BHP Brisbane01:03:2929
Team times29Nepal Australia Friendship Association01:03:312
Team times30daniels01:03:332
Team times31Step into Life Graceville01:03:509
Team times32Etax Runners01:04:196
Team times33Brisbane City Council01:04:4124
Team times34Drive Fitness01:04:497
Team times35The Strident Students01:05:432
Team times36Rockers for Knockers01:06:583
Team times37Running for Premature Babies QLD01:07:1313
Team times38Griffith Reds01:07:308
Team times39Wild & Free01:08:244
Team times40Brylyssa01:08:583
Team times41Running Mums Australia01:09:2011
Team times42Rainbow Magic01:09:252
Team times43Girls Run This Town01:09:272
Team times44Cerner01:10:148
Team times45Brisbane Run Squad01:10:254
Team times46Berrinba Runners01:12:4517
Team times47Planit Testing01:12:494
Team times48Plodders01:13:511
Team times49Springfield Runners Group01:14:332
Team times50Raccoon01:15:431
Team times51BAC01:16:259
Team times52Shelley's Bootcamp01:16:266
Team times53WeRunForIceCream01:17:431
Team times54Slow Team Sleigh01:19:472
Team times55Movin' Like Jaggers01:19:5316
Team times56Whoopsie Daisy01:22:332
Team times57Team Hawk01:23:252
Team times58Homann Cousins01:23:332
Team times59The K’s01:24:082
Team times60Queensland Diagnostic Imaging01:27:0425
Team times61Crampaholic01:27:555
Team times62Robyn&Tamika01:31:333
Team times63Winnitt01:33:333
Team times64Achilles Brisbane01:34:261
Team times65I Am Amy01:40:221
Team times66Rishan & Friends01:42:415
Team times67HONG KONG RUNNERS01:43:403