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CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Team times1The Confident Athlete00:17:311
Team times2MaxiTimTam00:22:002
Team times3Purple Kookaburras00:22:352
Team times4Pinoy pride Brisbane (PPB)00:25:411
Team times5Roddies00:26:042
Team times6intraining Running and Triathlon Club00:26:355
Team times7Gympie Gangstas00:27:324
Team times8Jones Squad00:28:363
Team times9S & S00:30:212
Team times10Little Athletics Queensland00:31:455
Team times11Samuels crew00:32:2510
Team times12Brisbane City Council00:33:208
Team times13YUMI&DAVID00:34:182
Team times14McDonald's00:34:3598
Team times15Planit Testing00:34:595
Team times16Oakey Mustangs00:35:081
Team times17Brissy Road Runners00:35:175
Team times18Chafe the Dream00:35:183
Team times19LUTTON00:35:331
Team times20Step into Life Graceville00:36:211
Team times21Deeamo Maccas00:36:5210
Team times22Brisbane Social Run Club00:37:061
Team times23Team Hodgess00:37:403
Team times24Team Hawk00:38:274
Team times25Drive Fitness00:38:373
Team times26Brisbane Run Squad00:38:442
Team times27Caroline’s patch00:38:512
Team times28Kurosawa Kazoku00:39:012
Team times29Non-Runner's Marathon: Maratona dos Amigos00:39:592
Team times30The Stars of E.T's Galaxy00:40:283
Team times31BHP Brisbane00:41:0422
Team times32Running Mums Australia00:42:214
Team times33TEAM TANTEX00:42:542
Team times34Forced Office Bonding Exercise00:43:109
Team times35The Royalties00:44:213
Team times36Berrinba Runners00:46:087
Team times37Encore Electrical Commercial Solutions00:47:123
Team times38Marshall00:48:592
Team times39Beauty inside00:49:345
Team times40Etax Runners00:50:377
Team times41Moreton Bay Road Runners00:51:501
Team times42Movin' Like Jaggers00:51:5810
Team times43Queensland Diagnostic Imaging00:52:1210
Team times44TABRKY00:56:403