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CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Team times1intraining Running and Triathlon Club00:07:442
Team times2Brisbane Run Squad00:10:313
Team times3No swim leg, woo hoo!00:10:483
Team times4Lakers00:11:402
Team times5Jones Squad00:11:502
Team times6Brisbane City Council00:12:103
Team times7Original & Carbon Copy00:12:142
Team times8Derek Zoolander Centre for kids who can't run good00:12:233
Team times9LUTTON00:12:531
Team times10Drive Fitness00:12:582
Team times11Atlas Multisports00:13:163
Team times12Team Cowen00:13:212
Team times13MCKEON00:14:564
Team times14Team RMHC SEQ00:15:595
Team times15Atlas Kids00:17:234
Team times16WinsUp Australia00:18:013
Team times17Chinny00:18:244
Team times18McDonald's00:18:371
Team times19Kurosawa Kazoku00:19:422
Team times20Girls Run This Town00:21:241
Team times21Planit Testing00:21:443
Team times22Liam’s crew00:22:583